Gold Britannia Coins

Sell Your 1oz Gold Britannia Coins

The Royal Mint celebrates its 30th year in 2017. The celebration is about the first release of Britannia bullion design. The earliest Britannia bullion designed by Philip Nathan appeared in 1987. The coin came with a classic design where a woman stands against the powerful gale that whips all over her shield, the olive branch and a Corinthian helmet.

A Short Background about Britannia Coins

Britannia came along with a very long history involving Great Britain and its currency. She is the nation’s embodiment that she represented for nearly 2,000 years since the Romans conquered the isles and claimed them as the Britannia province. Her first appearance was on the Roman coins of Emperor Hadrian circa AD 119. In 1672, it came back for the currency of Charles II.

When Britannia coins became a part of Bullion portfolio of The Royal Mint in 1987, Philip Nathan made a new Britannia interpretation which will be ideal for the new coins. Philip presented the image with a dominant maritime influence standing barren in the classical gown. There were waves in her feet while a shield, trident, and an olive branch were in her hand.

The New Look

The new design instantly gained recognition within the international market. It is now the contemporary face of the British Bullion that symbolizes tradition and strength. This Britannia is powerful and commanding but feminine, elegant, and peaceful.
These days, the 1oz Gold Britannia bullion coins are well-known due to their reliability and beauty. The ancient yearly Trial of the Pyx determine their quality and weight.

Investing in 1oz gold Britannia bullion coins is also a good financial venture. Aside from gold bars, one can sell gold Britannia coins through the web. These gold coins are as valuable and expensive as the gold bars. One can own as much as he can and get those sold at a good price.