Gold Maple

Sell and Earn Money From Your Gold Maple


Gold Maple, or also known as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf refers to the bullion coin made of the precious metal, gold. This legal golden is a product of Royal Canadian Mint having 50 CA dollars as its face value.

With a millesimal fineness of .9999 or 24 carats, this gold coin belongs to the world’s purest bullion coins. For its original release, it weighs at least 31 grams or 1 troy oz. On the other hand, some denominations and sizes include ½ ounce for $20, 1/10 ounce for $5, 1/20 ounce for $1, and ½ ounce for $10.

The back-portion display of Gold Maple is Queen Elizabeth II of Canada’s profile while the reverse part features Canada’s Maple Leaf. As years pass by, latest security features have been added in this gold bullion coin. About 6 years ago, this coin has been updated into a laser-micro-engraved texture coin which is added on the smaller area of its reverse side.

This Canadian Maple leaf coin has earned an international recognition because of its production as a 1-million-dollar gold coin. This coin has become an interesting collection of gold version because of its impressive qualities.


Gold Maple leaf coin has been known in 1979. During this time, Krugerrand has been the only bullion coin introduced. Since this coin has been minted from 1979 to 1982, this has .999 gold content.

Due to its superb quality as an official Canadian gold coin, people use it as a replacement of their dollar savings and as gifts. Even nowadays, their value remains consistently high while their use remains undeniable.

You can sell gold maple for a very interesting price. These gold coins are now sold online for faster and more convenient transactions. They are best sold to people who invest in gold. Gold Maple leaf coin is so easy to carry, divide, use and store as a legal currency.
use and store as a legal currency.