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Half Britannia

How to Sell Your Gold Half Britannia

Britannia coins are the British bullion coins created and provided by Royal Mint. These coins have been circulating in the market since 1987. The Gold Half Britannia comes with a face value of £50. This bullion coin is tax-free and exempted from the Capital Gains Tax because of their legal tender standing.
The Gold Half Britannia comes with ½ a troy oz. of fine gold. It is a little smaller compared to the ounce Britannia. Generally, this coin is a part of the set.
Just like the other Britannia coins, the Gold Half Britannia has the portrait of the recent Monarch of Britain on one of its sides. The standing portrait of Britannia is on the opposite side. The image of Britannia in the Gold Half Britannia these days was different from how it used to look before. During the minting years (before the year 2000), Britannia was in a sitting position as shown by Gold Half Britannia.
This Britannia coin comes with a wide diameter that measures 27 millimetres. Aside from that, the Gold Half Britannia contains gold of around 15.5 grams. The rest of the coin’s weight consists of an alloy. In 1987, the producer of Gold Half Britannia used copper alloy in the coin’s initial minting, production, and circulation. It lasted until 1989. In 1990, the producer replaced switched to silver and used it as the replacement alloy for the coin.
Gold bullion coins and bars are high-valued investments. Different gold bullion coins, including this one, are popular choices among coin collectors and private investors.
Gold is a precious metal that has been used as the real currency for several years. Buying and selling gold bullion coins like the Gold Half Britannia is a great idea. Gold always comes with high market value and selling it to a reliable gold bullion buyer/seller is key to getting the best return for your investments.

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