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Half Krugerrand

Sell Your Gold Half Krugerrand

Sell Your Gold Half Krugerrand

In 1980, the demand for gold half Krugerrand stood at about 90 percent of the international market for gold coins. This strong demand convinced the South African mint to begin in producing half gold Krugerrand together with other coin denominations. The gold half Krugerrand carries a similar portrait of the ex-president Paul Kruger created by Otto Schultz while the opposite side portrays the South African Springbok.

Just like other Krugerrand, the gold half Krugerrand comes with the words “South Africa” emblazoned in both Afrikaans and English on one side while the gold content is on the reverse. This half version comes with 15.5 grams of fine 24ct gold. People commonly call it “half Kruger” as its abbreviated name.

The coin is bullion grade. It shows wear and tear, considering the coin’s age. The coin has minor surface scratches and maybe some little knocks. However, nothing will alter the specifications and the coin’s bullion content.

Any coin rated higher compared to bullion grade will present less surface scratches other than the expected for the coin based on its minted year. It will get some fewer knocks to the surface. These coins have been in their protective package throughout their circulation. Hence, everyone should consider them as aesthetically better compared to the bullion grade is a good idea. Possibly, these coins will be eventually minted.

Gold half Krugerrand coins are mainly as good as new with minimal to zero scratches that increases their quality. Also, they do not have knocks and visible scuff marks. Coins rated this way are possibly contained or capsulated inside their packaging for the most part of the circulation. It is relatively lower compared to the standard rating for Mint Condition. That’s because gold half Krugerrand has been circulating a lot, unlike the mint coins. On the other hand, these coins are still circulating.

Just like other sellable coins, gold half Krugerrand also comes with a decent value in the market. With that, collecting and selling them is a good investment choice. These coins always have a special place in the market.

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