Half Sovereign

Selling Gold Half Sovereign

As part of the bigger British gold coin collection, the gold half sovereign initially entered the market in 1544. This early edition of the sovereign coin stopped circulating in 1604 until it came back in 1817 but now called the “modern” gold half sovereign. Its production resumed in 1980. The gold half sovereign’s value was equal to ten Shillings sat well between the 20 shillings (gold sovereign) and 5 shillings (the silver crown). Since 2000 until today, the Royal Mint manages the production of the bullion proof and grade gold half sovereign coins.

The half gold sovereign coins are an excellent addition to a sovereign collection. Crafted using 22ct gold, these precious coins weigh 3.984 grams. These coins benefit from the Capital Gains Tax or CGT Exempt status. Therefore, these are great coins to buy once you started investing in gold.

Every coin comes with the image of King George who is killing a dragon on one side while there’s a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The Sovereign series is famous among the people of the UK who want to invest in gold. That’s because there’s no capital gains tax to pay once they sell the gold coins.

Until today, The Royal Mint is the producer of gold half sovereign coins. They are also producing the British Britannia series in which the coins are available in silver and gold versions. The Royal Mint is also the producer of the Queen’s Beasts series that is available in silver, gold, and platinum. The golf half sovereign coins are available for VAT-free delivery or storage.

Gold half sovereign is among the best gold coins to buy. It is widely available and easy to sell. You can get it sold easily through the web at the best price you want.