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Mexican Peso

Mexican 50 Peso Gold: How to Sell One


Mexican Gold 50 Pesos are regarded as highly incredible gold coin available. Unfortunately, they are hard to find. They are perfect for investors of gold bullion coins who want to start with gold coins having smaller premiums.

Every Mexican 50 Pesos Gold coin has 1.2057 ounce (or 37.5g) of gold with 10 percent copper (21.6 kt) and 90 percent gold alloy. This is done to achieve durability in gold coins particularly in the Western countries.

A Mexican 50-Peso gold coin is usually compared with 1 ounce of American Gold Eagle coin. However, they differ in terms of size. One side of this coin bears Winged Victory image - with broken chains (left hand) and laurel wreath (right hand). The background is the two renowned volcanoes in Mexico which are Iztaccihautl and Popocatepetl. The mintage year is indicated on the right while on its lower left, there is 1821 which commemorates that independence year of the country.

There are many important facts to learn before selling Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin. It is advised to start with understanding its history and how it should be described thoroughly with facts.

A Short History

For 11 years, Mexico's people had been in war with colonial authorities of Spain. This has started from 1810 to 1821 which is widely called as "Mexican War of Independence". The images show in the Mexican 50 Pesos Gold coins are reflected by this war.

The reverse part of this gold coin reflects Mexico's coat of arms. It is a very significant symbol which shows an eagle clutching a serpent using its talons. This Eagle is the representation of the people's eagerness to face the obstacles in life. Furthermore, the snake seen on the coin represents what will happen to the enemies of the country.

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