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Quarter Krugerrand

Selling Facts About Gold Quarter Krugerrand

The South African Quarter Krugerrand is among the four coins introduced by the Kruger family. This gold coins family consists of 1 oz. Kruger, the ½ oz. Krugerrand, the quarter ounce Krugerrand, and tenth ounce Krugerrand.

Each of those four coins comes with a face value. However, investors trade these coins based on their weight because they should serve as a vehicle for private gold ownership.


The production of Krugerrand coins started in 1967 on the order of South African President Kruger. The original coins were a 1 oz. Kruger, but 3 other sizes became available to simplify the trade process for this coin.

Those coin sizes still have the original Kruger. Krugerrand coins are easier to recognize. Their front sides show the image of President Kruger. Their opposite sides display the famous Springbok and the denomination for each coin.

The face value of the quarter Krugerrand is 2.5 Rands. These gold coins were gold bullion and not a currency. Therefore, the stamping system is not accurate at all times.

Because of the stamping process used in the production of these precious coins, their thickness ranges from 1.788 up to 1.888 millimeters while their diameter is between 21.94 and 22.06 millimeters. The external edge of the Gold Quarter Krugerrand comes with 150 grooves.

The Gold Quarter Krugerrand are among the most popularly traded gold bullion coins in the market. For the past several years until today, this gold coin is one of the best choices for coin collectors and investors.

The Gold Quarter Krugerrand are precious and high-valued. Many people have been buying and collecting gold coins like this. Eventually, they sell their items and get their investments back.

If you have a Gold Quarter Krugerrand and want to sell it, deal only with a reliable gold bullion buyer/seller for faster transactions and to get the best value for your money.

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