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Swiss 20 Franc

Swiss 20 Franc Gold


Switzerland is widely popular for its security, privacy and safety. Thus, its gold coins have been minted meticulously and considering each detail in both sides. The reverse side showcases an impressive design with the date of the popular Swiss Cross.

Swiss 20 Francs Gold coin is one of the classy and small gold bullions issued in the world trade. It has a rich and vibrant history way back almost 150 years. During this period, this gold coin has been a symbol of independence, Swiss sovereignty, and financial strength. But more than these, Swiss 20 francs Gold is a gold backed-up Swiss currency.

Two of the popular brands for Swiss gold 20 franc are Blanchard and APMEX. From their sites, you can get free quote and determine the price of each coin. Prices may vary daily so it is best to stay updated to know exactly how much you pay.


Switzerland 's gold coins are more powerful and more renowned than other sovereign territories worldwide. There are two series of this Swiss gold 20 franc coin produced in the modern Swiss history. The most heavily minted version of it has been recognised between 1897 and 1949. In fact, all series of Vreneli Gold and Swiss Franc 20 Gold Coins have .1867 ounces of gold.

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