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Tenth Krugerrand

Selling Your Gold Coin: What is Gold Tenth Krugerrand?

The Gold Krugerrand has been circulating in 3 smaller denominations of a ½ ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce since 1980. The term “Kruger” mainly pertains to the 1 oz. Kruger coin. However, the ordinary person will use this term to refer to those smaller Krugerrand coins as Krugers, too.

The tenth Krugerrand, the same with the other gold bullion coins from the Krugerrand family, was mainly to serve as a bullion coin and not a currency. Therefore, it shares the same traits with other Krugerrand coins, including the nearly identical mirror and design variations in the dimensions of pressed coins.

The Gold Tenth Krugerrand shows the portrait of President Kruger with the country’s name in the arc all over the coin’s external edge on the front side. The popular South African Springbok is at the back of the coin. Springbok is the main feature of the back sides of the gold bullion coins from the Kruger family. Its face value is 1 Rand. The coin comes with 115 serrations all over the edge surface.

All the coins from the Kruger family are 22 carat gold with the alloy of twelve parts gold and one part copper. It means the actual gold content of a Tenth Krugerrand is 1/10 oz. while the coin weighs 3.3931 grams.

The Tenth Krugerrand comes with a thickness which differs from 1.25 up to 1.35 millimeters. It also comes with the smallest diameter of 16.45 millimeters and a maximum width of 16.56 millimeters.

Since these coins do not circulate as currency, the Gold Tenth Krugerrand is acceptable to have minor variations in the process of coin stamping. This trait persisted for a long time in all the Kruger coins.

Selling your Gold Tenth Krugerrand is truly a great idea. Get the best return for your investment by selling your coin to a reliable buyer.

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