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We Pay : Palladium Price Calculator UK

  Palladium   £ 1,709.53 / oz March 7 2021 06:46 pm
Grams Description Total Amount
Pure Palladium £ 46.72
90% Palladium £ 42.05

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Check our Palladium price per gram with our scrap Palladium price calculator UK. The  scrap Palladium price is based on the Palladium price today. Our Palladium price calculator is accurate and calculates the Palladium price based on the Palladium market value on the day. 

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item | No Risk : You can value your product with us for free with no obligation. 

25,000+ Satisfied Customers | X-Ray Testing | Certified Scale

Where Can I Sell Palladium At The Best Price?

Palladium is a rare precious metal that is stable and remains in products even after long-term use. Palladium is similar to platinum in that it is also a member of the platinum group and is used in the same way as platinum for catalytic properties. At the London Gold Center, you can sell palladium in London at the highest price.
Palladium is used in industrial equipment for the manufacture of electronic elements such as relays, capacitors, resistors, automotive capacitors and as a wire. Palladium is refractory and has a characteristic metallic lustre.
Jewellers use palladium in their products. Palladium in jewellery has a whiteness very similar to platinum, in contrast to silver, which, in turn, tarnishes very quickly. Palladium after polishing has a lustre that does not need rhodium plating, unlike alloys made on the basis of white gold.
We will buy palladium in any form:
Palladium scrap
Palladium bars
To calculate the price for the sale of palladium scrap, you can use a convenient online calculator. Palladium scrap price calculator is based on the current (today’s) palladium price. To calculate the cost, just enter the number of grams you need, check the table and you will see the price for your item.

Best Place to Sell Palladium Bars

London Gold Centre buys palladium and other precious metals. Palladium investors and owners often sell palladium to us due to our competitive real-time pricing and the high level of trust we have earned over 15 years of doing business.
We offer palladium holders an easy way to sell palladium bars. The London Gold Center has also successfully automated much of the palladium trading process to make selling palladium and palladium bars easy, fast, efficient, secure and individual for you.
For more information and details of the transaction, please contact our consultants.

Where Can I Sell Palladium Scrap?

If you want to sell palladium scrap, for example from jewellery, you can contact the London Gold Center. We buy back unnecessary or broken jewellery. To start the process, you can contact our employees to clarify the details of the deal, and then send us your jewellery by post. After being evaluated by our expert, we will pay you the same day by bank transfer.

If you would like to visit the London Gold Centre in person, you can get paid in cash. We offer you not only high quality and fast service but also the best prices for your palladium scrap on the market.
The cost of 1 gram of palladium depends on the presence of impurities of other metals in the mass. At any time convenient for you, we are ready to test your palladium, estimate its value and conclude a sales and purchase agreement.

Why Sell Palladium To The London Gold Centre?

London Gold Centre is a trusted leader in the palladium and precious metals buying industry. Because we focus on palladium bars, coins and palladium scrap, you benefit from our competitive palladium pricing and markups that are highly competitive in the industry for anyone looking to sell palladium.
Our team is dedicated to making managing your wealth simple and safe. You can sell palladium bars, palladium coins and scrap, as well as other precious metals, using our convenient online service or by contacting our team of highly qualified precious metals specialists. If you are still in doubt, just contact the specialists of the London Gold Centre using any of the methods available on the website.
Among the main advantages of London Gold Centre are:
Reliability for more than 15 years
The ability to sell palladium in any form: ingots, coins, palladium scrap
Free and super-accurate evaluation of the items by our specialist
Highest prices without over payments and commissions
London Gold Centre is a reliable partner and adviser in the sale of palladium and other precious metals for many. Our customers trust us, and that says a lot about our services.

Why Is It Profitable To Sell Palladium?

Over the past 10 years, palladium has become the leader in the growth of quotations on the world stock exchange among other representatives of precious metals. Since 2009, the price of an ounce of an element has risen from £169 to £570 by the end of 2015, with rates periodically soaring even higher over the course of the decade. Over the past 10 years, the price of palladium has risen by about 200%. Experts say the approaching boom in electric vehicles will reduce the demand and price of palladium. There are forecasts for a fall of 10% as early as next year. Now it is important to seize the moment: save metal or sell palladium. The London Gold Center experts will help you figure out and implement the best scenario for your precious metal.

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Palladium Price Calculator

Our up-to-date Palladium price calculator based on the Palladium price today will give you an estimated price on how much instant cash you will receive for your scrap Palladium. You can calculate the price based on the Palladium jewellery hallmark. 24k Palladium bars are 999.99 hallmarked, which carry the highest value.