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Check our Platinum Price Per Gram with our Scrap Platinum Price Calculator UK when you Sell Platinum to us. The  Scrap Platinum Price is based on the Platinum Price Today. Our Platinum Price Calculator is accurate and calculates the Platinum Price based on the Platinum market value on the day. We are based in Hatton Garden, 2 minute walk from Chancery Lane Station.

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item | No Risk : You can value your product with us for free with no obligation. 

Aron was excellent and great!
Very fair and efficient service selling Kruger Rand. Full payment much faster than a company previously used.
Sadly nowadays we are used to scammers and poor practices. I was a little unsure about using these guys but I should not have worried.What a fantastic service!Posted some scrap gold on Monday, got a call Tuesday afternoon to agree the best possible price, and within minutes the money was in my bank.Outstanding value, service and reliability.Thoroughly recommended.THANK YOU.
Really excellent service. I posted my item yesterday, received a call today to confirm the price and the money was in my account within minutes. Very efficient and exactly the price I expected.
Absolutely superb service. Professional, helpful, easy and super quick transaction. Would recommend to anyone.
Happy with the service from this company, very easy and straightforward transaction. Price as expected from online calculations. Recommended and I will use again.
Very happy. Great price for gold I wanted to sell. No catches. Sent gold on Friday which arrived Monday. Gentleman called me that same evening to explain weight and gave me price for the gold. That price was exactly what I had found using the online calculator. I accepted the offer and money was in my bank the very next minute. Very happy with the whole process. Thank you
This is my third time using the London Gold Centre and once again I have had outstanding service and communication and the process is done quickly and efficiently, thankyou London Gold Centre.
Another satisfied customer. After carefully going through the reviews finally decided to visit the store as I had some jewellery items dusting for ages in the box. Big thanks to Aron and Mafaz who were very helpful and knowledgeable. Good communication and patience with clients! Especially when it comes to dealing with pieces that hold emotional value:)
Cannot fault this service. I know about jewellery trade as I was in it myself.The communication was spot on and the money was in my account in no time at all. Fantastic keep it up you will never run out of business. good luck and god bless. thank you Arvind Robin.
Fantastic service and great price from an incredibly professional company. Thank you Aaron. I wouldn't go any where else.
I traded in my gold bracelet at the shop and was really surprised how easy it was. I was offered a similar price to that quoted on line and the whole transaction took about 10mins. The staff member was very pleasant . I didn't check prices anywhere else but was very happy dealing with this company.
Aaron is extremely kind, genuine, honest, professional and helpful to offer me the best price he could! This company is truly trustworthy! I am very grateful for their sincerity and kindness!
What a lovely service! I sold some old silverware I never used, superfast service and such kind people. Speedy payment as well. Absolutely amazing!

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Platinum Price Calculator UK

  Platinum   £ 711.75 / oz January 17 2022 10:59 pm
Grams Description Total Amount
Pure Platinum £ 21.05
95% Platinum £ 20.00
90% Platinum £ 18.95

How To Sell Platinum At The Best Price?

Platinum is a noble, precious and relatively rare metal, used not only in jewellery but also in various industries:

  • Chemical production
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Space and other industries

Platinum has high strength and melting point, as well as inertness to many chemicals, this is the reason for the demand and high price for platinum products. Therefore, it is easy enough to find a buyer if you want to sell platinum.

Where To Sell Platinum In London?

You can sell platinum to a pawn shop close to your home or place of work. Here, however, you will receive offers with the smallest cost for your product. Besides selling to the specialized pawnshops, you can also offer your platinum to regular jewellery stores to see how much they are willing to pay.

Online auctions are also an option, but it is recommended that you contact them as a last resort because they usually do not offer the highest price for your ingot, jewellery or platinum coins. In addition, scammers often work here and such a transaction cannot be called reliable.

One option is to sell platinum to a jewellery broker who operates on the Internet or in a regular business. The products are evaluated using the latest technology, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your item. You can also sell your antique jewellery or branded watches there.

London Gold Center will buy platinum jewellery from you at the highest prices on the market. The whole buying procedure is quite simple and does not take much time. If you decide to sell platinum at the London Gold Centre, you will receive a quick evaluation of your bullion, coin, jewellery or platinum scrap, as well as considerate attention and prompt payment.

For your comfort, the company’s website has a calculator for calculating the cost of scrap platinum (scrap platinum price calculator). Just select the type of platinum you want and enter the weight of your product to get the price.

London Gold Centre has been on the market for over 15 years. Company employees know their job very well. Plus, you don’t have to pay to evaluate your platinum product. Just send us your ingot, jewellery, coins or platinum by mail or visit us in person.

If you decide to sell platinum at the London Gold Centre, we will send you a payment on the same day by bank transfer. If you visited us in person for this transaction, you may also receive a cash payment for your item.

Why Is It Worth To Sell Platinum?

The owners of jewellery and other platinum products know how rare and expensive it is. This material not only has an aesthetically noble colour but also surpasses not only silver but also gold in a number of characteristics. Therefore, it will not be difficult to sell platinum at a high price.

London Gold Centre provides professional appraisers for precious metals. Here you can sell any type of platinum products:

Platinum ingots
Platinum coins
Platinum jewellery
Scrap platinum

Therefore, with us, you will not only expensively, but also advantageously sell platinum items.

Although platinum jewellery is highly prised, the fashion for their design is gradually fading. So that an expensive piece will benefit you instead of gathering dust in a jewellery box, you can profitably sell platinum and purchase a new piece of jewellery.

The London Gold Centre has a free appraisal of precious metal products on an ongoing basis, the calculation is made immediately after the conclusion of the transaction. Qualified appraisers will quickly determine the product denomination and offer conditions under which you can profitably hand over platinum in any quantity. We work honestly, without hidden commissions and low prices – this is why our regular customers respect and appreciate us.

Where Do I Start If I Decide To Sell Platinum?

The main advantage of our company is that we think about our clients and always try to save time and money. So, to sell platinum, send us a bar, coins or jewellery by mail or bring it in person. If necessary, use our online platinum scrap price calculator. Wait for a response from the evaluator of your product. Now you can start closing the deal and selling the platinum.
If you decide to sell platinum products, we will offer you:

  • Maximum product price
  • Immediate free assessment and settlement, no commissions for additional work
  • Compliance with all necessary formalities
  • Fast and convenient settlement by bank transfer or cash

With us, you will not spend a lot of time to receive your money, but at the same time, you will be satisfied with the quality of service and the offered price for your platinum products.

LGC-Logo-Transparant Platinum Price Calculator

Platinum Price Calculator

Our up-to-date platinum price calculator based on the platinum price today will give you an estimated price on how much instant cash you will receive for your scrap platinum. You can calculate the price based on the platinum jewellery hallmark. 24k platinum bars are 999.99 hallmarked, which carry the highest value.