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9k - £19.65 Sovereign - £383.28
18k - £39.30 Brittannia - £1,629.54
22k - £48.03 Krugerrand - £1,629.54
24k - £52.40 Silver Ounce - £17.71

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Selling Gold Bars for Cash

Sell Gold Bar to the top Gold Buyer in London; based in Hatton Garden. When selling your gold bar LGC pays you the highest price in the market. We pay you via Bank Transfer or Instant Cash. We use the latest technology to check and analyse when you sell gold bars, which will not damage your gold bar. When selling your gold bars for cash, London Gold Centre is the one of the top company to handle your transaction.

About Us
  • 25,000 + Customers : Satisfied customers over the 15 years of trading.
  • Price Guarantee : Our prices are the highest in the market.
  • No Risk : Value your product for free with no obligation. 
  • Experience : 15 years experience in testing and valuing jewellery.
Certified Scale
Scrap gold scale

Our certified scales are very accurate to 0.10 to get the accurate weight of your item

XRF Testing
Free Gold Testing

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item.

We Pay : Gold Bar Prices

Gold Bar in Grams Prince in £
0.50g Gold bar [goldbar grams=0.50]
1g Gold bar [goldbar grams=1]
2g Gold bar [goldbar grams=2]
2.50g Gold bar [goldbar grams=2.50]
5g Gold bar [goldbar grams=5]
10g Gold bar [goldbar grams=10]
20g Gold bar [goldbar grams=20]
50g Gold bar [goldbar grams=50]
100g Gold bar [goldbar grams=100]
250g Gold bar [goldbar grams=250]
15.55g Gold bar [goldbar grams=15.55]
31.10g Gold bar [goldbar grams=31.10]
500g Gold bar [goldbar grams=500]
1000g Gold bar [goldbar grams=1000]

Selling Gold Bars for Cash

In this fast-moving and a world full of luxuries. Almost everyone has got gold in different forms and shapes. People use gold as a wearable like in the way of jewellery and investment in the form of gold bars and gold coins. Gold bars are the best form of investing as they are easy to store and does not lose much value when selling compared to manufactured gold jewellery. 

Gold bars come in different sizes and weights. It is the consumer choice of what weight of the gold bar he or she wants to buy. It can be of 0.50 grams, 1 ounce or even 1Kg gold bar. The gold bars prices at the time of buying and selling both are different as there will always be a small percentage of processing fee involved. There are many ways one can sell gold bars for cash; some are as follows:

Sell Gold
Gold Postal Service

How to Sell Gold Bars

Want to sell gold bars? Then you must research the companies paying the best gold price in the market who are willing to pay the nearest amount to the gold fix of the day, which is updated on the LBMA daily. One could have made a significant investment when buying their gold bars; hence they should be sure about the place they are selling their gold bars. That the company they choose to sell gold bars are reliable and trustworthy.

You can quickly sell your gold bar in your local gold shop; however, this may not be the best choice as you are not guaranteed the best price available in the market. You can also choose to post gold for cash options when planning to sell gold bars, depending on the weight its always to consider the cost of posting and insurance. Always post your gold via insured registered mail.

The most important factors to consider when selling your gold bar is the price and safety. Which means you should do some market research of the company you are planning to sell your gold bar and to make sure you will receive payment in time. Last but not least is to consider your convenience, how accessible the place, and how comfortable you feel visiting the company you are selling gold bars to.

About Gold Bars

Gold bars, by and large, devour a tremendous and extraordinary reselling value. The bars kept in mint conditions can get a higher value than damaged gold bars. Gold Bars which are minted by top branded names, can also determine the price of gold bars, but this works both ways when buying and selling. Some companies engrave serial numbers into their gold bars, which makes it easier to identify the authenticity of the gold and provides an additional guarantee and security for your gold bar.

Sell & Buy Gold Bar

Calculating the value of Gold Bar when selling

To calculate the price of the gold bar, you must multiply the weight of the gold bar in grams by the price of 24kt gold per gram. Most companies will have a gold price calculator, which you can use to estimate the value when selling gold. These prices reflect the gold market price of that day. The 24kt gold price may vary for different companies. It is the seller’s responsibility to research and find the company that pays the best price that meets their expectation.

Vending Gold to the Indigenous Shop

You can always use you, local pawnbrokers, to release some of the equity from you gold bar for short term use but it still vital to note the interest rates payable and make sure you don’t lose too much value.

London Gold Centre

If you reside in London or some nearby city, then it is an excellent option for you to sell gold bars is London Gold Centre, they pay the highest amount based on the gold market price of the day. They are safe and secure and been in the gold industry for over 20 years

buy and sell gold in London


London Gold Centre pays through the banks. They transfer the amount into your bank account within 24. We also pay Instant Cash at the premises.

The LGC has many industry-standard techniques and instruments that help in checking the accuracy of the gold bars and other precious metals, and with over 20 years experience you be assured that they use the right experienced people for the job

London Gold Centre is always interested in buying precious metals like gold bars, gold coins and silver jewellery. They accept these metals in every form and then pay according to the condition of the metal and market price.

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