We Buy Gold, Diamonds , Branded Jewellery, Luxury Watches, Antique & Vintage Jewellery and other Precious Metals.

Gold & Diamond Jewellery Services

We provide several services at the London Gold Centre. We test & Value Gold and Diamond Jewellery. We also buy Gold, Precious Stones, Semi-Precious Stones, Watches and most thing of jewellery value. Visit our store to get paid instant cash. We are one of the best places to sell jewellery in London.

High Price for Gold and Diamond Jewellery

We pay highly competitive prices on the items listed below, and we also buy scrap gold and gold coins. Get in touch with us to get a valuation on your items. We are one of the best places to sell gold and diamond jewellery.

Free Gold Testing

Free Gold Testing

We use the latest technology for testing gold. This service is free weather you decide to sell your Scrap Gold, Fine & Investment Gold and Gold Coins with us. The Niton XL2 Gives very accurate result to identify the purity of your gold. This allows us to give you the exact value of the item you would like to sell. In takes less than 5 seconds to test you gold and give you and exact valuation. This form of testing does not damage your gold and also does not leave any external marks. Acid test is only performed at times after the price is been agreed upon for your Scrap Gold.

Government Certified Scale

Gold Centre has a Government Certified Scale which has been calibrated for accurate results for weighting your Scrap Gold. Our EK-i Series weighing scale is a very accurate to the 0.01 accuracy. As gold has a very high value even the smallest difference can make a big difference in value. Visit us to get an accurate purity and weight reading on your Scrap gold, Gold Jewellery and Investment Gold to get paid the best value.

Scrap gold scale

Live gold Price

Best Gold Price in London
Sell you Gold Metal based on the current fluctuating price. We do not fix our gold buying price at the lowest of the day instead here at London Gold Centre we give you the opportunity to take advantage of the fluctuating price. Our online prices are update in real time. Use our online Gold Price Calculator to see what you will get paid for your Scrap Gold at this moment in time.

Diamond Price Calculator

Use our online diamond price calculator to get an estimation on you  diamond selling price. Our prices are based on the RapNET price which is the industry standard when calculating the value of the diamond. Once you are happy with the price fell free to visit The Gold Centre to get paid instantly for the diamond .
Diamond Price Calculator

Sell Investment Gold

Sell Investment Gold
When investing in gold you would like to get a high return on your investment and we are here to make that come true for you. We can assure you that we pay the highest price on Fine Investment Gold and gold coins. Give us a call to day or check our Gold Coin and Gold Bar prices online now. Go to our Gold Bar Prices

Best place to sell jewellery

London Gold Centre is one of the best place to sell jewellery. We pay our customers the best price in the market for their items. We guarantee to beat and price give by our competition. Sell your Scrap Gold, Diamond Jewellery and Luxury Watches with us.