How to Get Cash for Diamond?

cash-for-diamond-150x150 Cash for DiamondsIt is said diamonds are forever, but a lot of people may think otherwise. The trend of selling diamonds and diamond jewellery for cash has been on the rise lately. Cash for diamond has been going up as well, which has boosted the trend even further. People all over the World have started buying diamonds. This increase in demand has caused many retailers to buy from customers as well who sell diamonds for cash

Most stores that only dealt with buying gold or precious metals have now started buying diamonds because of the demand and popularity of the stone. Some jewellers have entirely shifted to diamonds only because it is that much more profitable. Jewellers also say that people are more attracted towards the unique beauty of a diamond rather than its carats which is why diamonds many often sell for higher than their actual value.

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If you are hoping to sell a diamond or some diamond jewellery, there are some things you should be aware of which we will now mention.

Tips for Selling Diamonds

Here are some tips you should follow before selling diamonds:

  1. Provide A Certificate Of Authenticity
    Whenever you sell your diamonds, the interested party will ask for a certificate of authentication to verify that your diamond is original. Therefore it is important to have a certificate from a gemological laboratory.
  2. Be Aware Of The Value Of Your Diamond
    In other words, know what you have got. Every diamond has a unique characteristic which you should be aware of. You should also know about the weight and carats of your diamonds, so you know their exact value. That would make the decision of selling easier for you as it will help you recognise a good deal.
  3. Do Not Have Unrealistic Expectations
    Know that the buying parties will most likely pay you less than the market value of your gem. The fact that they are re-sellers who want to make a profit by selling off your diamond again. It would help if you had realistic offers in mind, so you are not disappointed when you enter the market.
  4. Research The Available Options And Choose A Trustworthy Buyer
    There will be plenty of options when it comes to finding buyers for your diamonds. The quickest and easiest buyers would be jewellery shops, pawnshops or companies who specialise in stones and precious metals. There are many of those so you should be aware of their reputation and make sure they are trustworthy. Another aspect can be the amount they pay and the ease of selling through them.

All these factors combined, one of the best options in London is to sell to the London Gold Centre. With over 25,000 satisfied customers, they are extremely trustworthy and provide the best value for your diamonds.

The price offered to you may vary depending on the size, quality, cut, shape, polish and shine of your diamond. There are many different types of diamonds. There are cut and uncut diamonds, there are also natural diamonds and artificial ones made in labs. Some diamonds are colourless whereas others form shades of pink, blue and other colours. All these factors contribute to the value of a diamond. Either way, London Gold Centre will give you a better rate than anyone else on the market. You can either use their online diamond price calculator or get one of their professional appraisers to give you a quote.

The process of selling through them is also straightforward. If you want your diamonds to be physically appraised, you can ship them to London gold Centre after setting up an account on their portal. Within one day, the items are tested, evaluated, and a quote is sent to you. If you agree to it and a deal is made, you can receive bank payment the very same day. It is easy and fast. There is no hassle involved, and you also get better value than any other buyers. They pay in cash as well, but for that, you will have to be present in their shop to sell the diamonds physically.

They buy loose and rough diamonds as well as diamond jewellery, which means that no matter what form your diamond is in, London Gold Centre will buy it. This will also save you the effort and time of visiting various buyers in the market.

  1. Hatton garden is known for its jewellery shops and buyers, but the London Gold Centre provides the best prices possible. Hopefully, the above paragraphs are informational enough to convince you to sell your diamonds to London Gold Centre but here are some more frequently asked questions about the company.

Frequently asked Question

  • How Long Does Payment Processing Take?
    After your items are appraised, you will be given an offer from the London Gold Centre. If you agree, the payment would be made immediately. If you take cash, you will be paid at the spot, and if you opt for a bank transfer, the amount will be transferred on the same day.
  • Should I Bring My Diamonds And Jewellery Along?
    Yes, the first time you visit the London Gold Centre, you should bring all the items along that you want to sell. This will speed up the process as they would be immediately processed and sent for appraisal. When the evaluation is done, you can sell your jewellery the same day.
  • Do You Buy Other Precious Gems?
    We buy many different precious metals but no gems other than diamonds. If you provide jewellery with diamonds and other stones, you can get paid for the diamonds or get them back. The other stones would be melted or crushed.
  • Why Should I Sell My Diamonds to London Gold Centre?
    At the London Gold Centre, our customers come first, and we believe in the best quality service possible. We also provide the best rates in the market. Our selling process is remarkably swift and straightforward, which takes less than a day from appraisal to payment. We also have no hidden charges. Everything is upfront and transparent.

Cash for Diamonds

Cash for Diamonds has never been easier when dealing with us. Get an instant valuation, Quote and Cash on any Diamond Jewellery. You can also use our online line Diamond price calculator to get the value of you Diamonds in real time.