How to Get Cash for Gold?

Cash-for-Gold-150x150 Cash for GoldIt’s a trend recently to sell gold for cash, and a lot of people have been seeing doing so. Many gold dealers have opened shop just for this purpose because many jewellery shop owners do not buy gold for cash but credit. The reason for the growing popularity of selling gold is the decreasing popularity of heavy gold jewellery than it was in the past. These days, people are not into gold jewellery that much and usually prefers wearing minimal items. Recently, the value of gold has also sky-rocketed, giving people another reason to sell the gold they have lying around. If you have old gold jewellery, gold coins or bars lying around, contact us to get the best value.

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Certified Scale
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Our certified scales are very accurate to 0.10 to get the accurate weight of your item

XRF Testing
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We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item.

Go to a Jewellery Shop:

  1. It is a good option because jewellery shops will most likely take gold off your hands and also give you a good deal. They pay more than most other ventures, but they may not always pay in cash. Many jewellery stores will either offer you credit in their store or replace your old Jewellery with a new one. They may even give you discounts on buying Jewellery from them. 

Visit A Pawn Shop:

  1. Pawnshops generally pay cash for gold, but they will pay you even less than market price. The reason is that they have to sell it further for which they need to buy it as cheap as possible. If you are looking to sell quickly, pawnshops may be a good bet, but they will never give you a good deal.

Sell  Gold To London Gold Centre:

  1. If you are based in London, then one of the best options to sell your gold for cash is to visit London Gold Centre in Hatton Garden. It is already a very well-known area for jewellery shops and buying and selling of gold. London gold Centre specialises in gold, diamonds and many different precious metals. Their process is fast and simple, and they pay good and fast cash against your gold. They provide the highest guaranteed prices in the industry, and with over 25,000 customers, they are a very trustworthy brand. Depending on the carats and weight of your gold, you will get the best quotes possible. The process is simple. You first have to estimate the value of your gold which would vary depending on the quality and quantity. Once you have an appraisal done, you can visit the London Gold Centre for a quote. If a deal is struck between both parties, they will make a bank payment as soon as it is done. They will of course, thoroughly inspect the gold you bring to ensure its quality and authenticity.

What Type Of Gold Can I Sell?

When selling your gold to London Gold Centre, there are three main types that you can get cash for. The price for each varies, so here is an overview:

Gold Bars:
  1. Gold bars contain gold in its purest form, which is why they sell at the highest rates. They are also preferred by many investors who buy gold solely for investing. Therefore, gold bars will get you the highest price per unit weight.
Gold Coins:
  1. You can also sell coins to London Gold Centre. Gold coins come in pure as well as mixed forms so the price may vary. There are also many replica gold coins in the market; therefore, whatever coins you bring would have to be tested and inspected before a sale can be made.
Scrap Gold:
  1. Scrap gold is basically anything that is made up of gold or contains gold. It can have various percentages of gold and may include Jewellery, or gold in crude form. Scrap gold prices are evaluated based on its quality or purity. The closer it is to 24k gold, the better rate you would get. Therefore if you are selling scrap gold, know its value beforehand.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still unsure about the London Gold Centre, here are some frequently asked questions you might have and the answers to them:

Do You But Other Metals Besides Gold?
  • The London Gold Centre does business in Jewellery, ornaments, bars, coins, and articles made out of silver, platinum, gold, and even palladium. You can use the calculator on the website to determine the value of your metals.
Do You Entertain Walk-Ins?
  • There is no appointment necessary when you want to sell to the London Gold Centre. Walk-in with your gold, and you will be catered to. You can visit the store during working hours on any day of the week since we are open on Sundays as well.
Do You Accept Mounted Coins?
  • At the London Gold Centre, mounted coins are accepted as well. The value is totalled based on the value of the coin plus the value of the gold used to make the coin. Even if we get a coin that is not part of the list, we can buy it for the value of the gold. Since the value of the coin would be unknown, you would be paid for the quality and quantity of the gold in the coin.
How Do You Test The Authenticity And Quality Of The Gold?
  • At the London Gold Centre, our tests are quite vigorous and extensive. The stones and other parts are removed from the Jewellery after which the gold is tested. These methods cause damage to the gold, but they are necessary to ensure the quality of it. Once the verification is done, we can offer you the best deal possible based on the carats and the overall weight.

Cash for Gold

Cash for gold has never been easier when dealing with us. Get an instant valuation, Quote and Cash on any item of gold. You can also use our online line gold price calculator to get the value of you gold in real time.