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Jewellery-Valuation-150x150 Free ValuationMost of us possess items that are made up of gold, silver or even diamond. Almost everyone has gold jewellery, silver jewellery, watches diamond necklaces, rings, gold coins, gold bars. Everyone has to face the hardships in his life at least for once. At such times one thinks of selling his gold pieces or silver or any other precious metal he has with him. However, before selling such valuable items, one should know the value of the precious metals he devours. So that one does not sell the valuable goods lesser prices. Below there is the list of free jewellery valuation for the people who want to sell the precious things for them that they wouldn’t face loss.

Cost of Valuation Certificate
Price depends on the particular item and techniques used to evaluate the article. £40 to £120 Each Item

Note: Free Jewellery Valuation service when you are selling to us or if you don’t need a Insurance Valuation Certificate

London Gold Centre

London Gold Centre is a relatively new but authentic place through which people can get their goods checked. No matter they are the watches, diamond rings, necklaces, gold coins, gold bars, gold and silver jewellery. London Gold Centre is a place where people can not only sell their metals on the globally known prices but also help people getting their precious metals valuated.

Diamond Jewellery Valuation

At the time of valuing a diamond, there are certain things that have to be kept in conscience. Diamond is a precious element that is valued for each carat. So for example, if we take half a carat of diamond for the valuation purpose to London Gold Centre that would be enough. As we need a direction for evaluating the price of the whole diamond asset which can be proceeded by getting the price of half a carat that is globally equal to 552 sterling pounds whereas the global price of the one-carat diamond is approximately up to 1105 sterling pounds. Moreover, diamond is a valuable metal that increases its value with the passage of time with the condition of maintained and cared well.

Silver Jewellery Valuation

There is an excellent rule for buying silver. That is one should plan to buy silver in the months of January, March, April or the end of June the reason behind this is that the silver is really cheap at these times of the year. It would affect the price at the time of selling to a greater extent and will result in profit for the person. One can take his silver goods to the London Gold Centre for getting a better Jewellery valuation for them in case one is planning to sell them out. So the global prices for the silver scrap are 0.16 sterling pound per gram in London that means the price for an ounce of silver is 4.98 sterling pounds in the city of London.

Gold Valuation

The best time for buying gold is the same as for the silver that is January, March, April, and end of June. The gold taken to the London Gold Centre for jewellery valuation can help one to a greater extent. The gold is often weighed in troy ounces at the time of selling. Gold is evaluated by keeping two factors in consideration that is its purity and how hefty the gold is. In another case, if the person knows that how many karats a piece of gold possess then the gold can also be valued as a whole. So the gold globally is valuated as 1018 sterling pounds approximately per troy ounce. We also buy gold.

Watches Valuation

The watches can also be evaluated on the platform of London Gold Centre. All they need is the history that when the watch was bought, at what price and also the condition of the watch is considered. They provide the value for the watch that is globally set at that time for the reselling watches. They provide people with the best prices around the market.

Ring Valuation

If one goes to ordinary gold shops or the other, they will buy the rings on at least 50% lesser price than that on which it was bought. This is a great big loss to the seller. For example, if the ring was bought for 200 sterling pounds, then the shopkeeper would try buying it at 100 sterling pounds. Whereas if one consult London Gold Centre for the jewellery valuation of the specific ring, they will calculate the prices according to the global market rate. As if the pure gold is being sold in the market for 1026 sterling pounds for each ounce then this means that 1 gram would be sold for 33 sterling pounds approximately.

Gemstones Jewellery Valuation

Gemstones can be termed as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The prices for these stones accelerate with the increase in sizes. For example: in the global market, the gems of one carat might cost 786 sterling pounds whereas the two-carat gem may cost 3160 sterling pounds approximately. These prices can be evaluated through the London Gold Centre for one’s personal satisfaction.

Gold Bar Valuation

Different shops and markets give different rates for the gold bars. The prices given by the markets might be great, but they are always much less from the one expected by the person for his gold bars. So the best option to opt is taking the gold bars to the London Gold Centre for getting the price factor. They usually check the stock market prices for the currency and then check the rates of the gold that is recent. For example, if the gold bar of 10 grams costs 318 sterling pounds approximately, then they will tell the price for one ounce easily that is approximately 991 sterling pounds approximately. This not only helps people but also make them think of selling their gold bars at the time they find good value.

Gold Coins Valuation

Gold coins are the best way of investing in they can help the best at times of hardships. One can consult the London Gold Centre for knowing the value of the gold coins when required. This can give one broad-spectrum for thinking about selling the gold coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does London Gold Centre Buy the Precious Metals?
    Apart from counselling people about their gold, diamond and silver goods London Gold Centre also buy the precious metals.
  • Do They Give It In A Good A Price
    The London gold centre gives its products in the best reasonable price same as running in the market.

Jewellery Valuation

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