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Government Certified Scale

In all commercial and business applications areas where products are sold by weight, it is a legal requirement that the equipment used for weighing must be verified as ‘trade approved’ or ‘legal for trade’. This means that to ensure the equipment is appropriate and fit for purpose, it must be undergone a stringent set of tests.
Weights measurements controlling authorities around the globe are responsible for managing legal trade equipment and other related legislation and issue government certified scale. In the UK, programmed weight checking hardware isn’t proposed and don’t need to be checked before they can be utilised for fitting weight, the responsible for the gear should dependably have the option to convey anyway that they are exact for their utilisation. The law identifying with the normal load of things is the obligation of the nearby loads and measures office working as indicated by NMO rules. The method of reasoning controlling gear is that the fleetingness of amount for a major number of individual dealings can be ensured by guaranteeing the precision of the instruments being utilised for the measure. These equipment guidance steps are regulated under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and the European Communities Act 1972.
In the matter of measures and weights, customers have no method of testing the amount of things they have sold or bought, such as some purchased vegetables or some sold things like in this case gold, silver. The present legal rules and regulations ensure that the things offered for buying or sale by amount can be trustworthy because the quantity has been set by regulatory authorities through measuring instrument, independently checked according to loss. By managing measuring equipment used for dealings and trade, both customer and business can be sure the amount declared is precise and accurate.
The instrument used for measuring regulations of 2016 and The Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016 initiated their work on 28 December 2016 according to the New Legislative Framework. It is a common bundle of principles made to enhance the European market and internal dealing according to rules and guileless environment should be created. The regulations imply making processes more accurate and consistent. The active technical needs are unaltered, so these instruments guidance keys remain related.
This direction identifies with the execution of the New Legislative Framework, which means to make a progressively rational and steady lawful structure for the promoting of items in the EU. It incorporates commitments for monetary administrators (producers, their approved delegates, shippers, and wholesalers), similarity evaluation bodies and market observation experts.
This direction on the Non-programmed Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016 includes commitments for financial administrators (producers, their approved delegates, shippers, and wholesalers), congruity appraisal bodies and market observation specialists. The guidelines came into power on 28 December 2016 under the New Legislative Framework (NLF), which intends to make a progressively rational and reliable legitimate structure for the showcasing of items in the EU. This direction overrides the past explicit direction identifying with the usage of the NLF for these guidelines distributed on 30 August 2017, presently expelled from GOV.UK.

What We Do

As gold has a very high value even the smallest difference can make a big difference in value. For that, there is a need for a piece of accurate and appropriate equipment and technique, so that the customer should get his true right and price. A little up and down in measurement can cause a big loss for the customer as well as the buyer. Suitable and appropriate equipment will give better results which in fact will help in making good relation and trust with customers.
So, for this purpose, we use the government certified scale. We use EK-I weighing scale. It is very precise and gives enormous results. It is legal equipment which gives fast and accurate results.
Some features of EK-I weighing scale are enlisted below:
It is accurate up-to 0.01 accuracy
It can weigh in different parameters like grams, ounces, troy ounces, carats, pennyweight, mommies, grains.
The enormous LCD show with backdrop illumination – Easy to peruse even at a wide survey edge or dull condition
Wide choice from 16 unique models 120g ~ 12kg
9 worked in gauging units in addition to tallying and rate with client need start-up
Counting capacity with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
Full Digital Calibration with discretionary client determinable mass setting
Conformity to GLP with I.D. also, sequential number yields
Auto Power OFF
Portable-minimised size, lightweight, rough body.
Sealed keyboard security against residue and spills Low profile and small footprint for minimal space requirement
Overload protection
Weighing pan of stainless steel
The rings used as security purpose to prevent from theft
Easy to introduce battery-powered Ni-MH battery (discretionary)
Leveling feet and level bubble for accurate weighing
Hygienic and artificially safe treated steel (SUS304) gauging skillet
Adjustable reaction attributes to help adapt to the impact of drafts and vibrations

About Us

London gold centre (LGC) is a place where you can sell your scrap gold, luxury objects like watches and diamond jewellery. We guarantee the best price and service against all our competitors.
At the London Gold Centre, we strive to serve our valued customers in the best way we can. We ensure our customers are satisfied with our service. For that, we focus on giving excellent customer service. We purchase scrap gold and bullion of all forms. We will accept your scrap gold regardless of its condition. We pay for the scrap gold based on the daily price of gold. We process every item on the same day. Then, we make payments via same-day payment and faster payment options.
Likewise, we buy big volumes of gold bullion and coins from those investors who want to release their items. We guarantee competitive prices for gold coins and gold bullion.
When investing in gold you would like to get a high return on your investment and we are here to make that come true for you. We can assure you that we pay the highest price on Fine Investment Gold and gold coins.


As gold has a very high value even the smallest difference can make a big difference in value. For that, there is a need for a piece of accurate and appropriate equipment and technique, so that the customer should get his true right and price. So, for this purpose, we use the government certified scale, EK-I weighing scale. It is accurate up to 0.01.