How to Sell Gemstone, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire for Cash

sell-gemstone-for-cash-150x150 sell gemstonesThe gemstone is the precious stones that are used in the jewellery. These stones are also known as the fine gem. These are the semi-precious stones that are polished and cut from the mineral crystal. These are also used in making of many other decorations. These stones are used to make your jewellery looks more attractive. Many of those household items are also decorated using gemstones. You may find these stones in many of the shops. Usually, many of the people like to wear gemstones in the form of their rings as it is most commonly used for the wedding rings. Many of the jewellery is made of gemstones. These jewellery are more astonishing in looking. Sell Emerald & Sell Sapphire or Sell gemstone for cash with London Gold Centre.


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The main problem arises is that when people want to buy a new one and get rid of the old one, they do not find some suitable ways to sell the old ones. Hence they required some essential steps to  sell sapphire, sell emerald or sell gemstones for cash at the best price. Living in London, you may find many of the places that buy these gemstones from you and give you the money. Here are some of the exciting thing that helps you to find out the ways to get rid of the old gemstones and take a reasonable price from them.

Sell-Emerald-150x150 sell gemstonesSell Emerald

London gold centre we also green buy emerald which are not heated or colour enhanced. We buy all sizes of emerald s long as the are natural and of good quality. want to sell emerald? please contact us for more information.

sell-sapphire-150x150 sell gemstonesSell Sapphire

London gold centre we also green buy sapphire which are not heated or colour enhanced. We buy all sizes of sapphire as long as the are natural and of good quality. want to sell sapphire? please contact us for more information.

Gather Information and Sell to the Buyers

The first step is to gather information about the gemstone you want to sell. Get to know all the aspects of the gemstone and its history, its market price and the demand from you. Without having all the knowledge you may be unable to find the best price for it. You have to know that from where this gemstone arrives and what quality of the material it is made from. The other thing is that you have to assure that the gemstone is original because in case of money many of the buyers test its quality and don’t want to get trouble in order to sell them to others.

  • Selling To the Shops
    sell-gemstone-300x191 sell gemstonesMany of the shops in London would love to find some unique and remarkable material as they can achieve a good profit from it. The next thing is you have to be sure that you are giving the best quality of gemstone to the buyers because they only need the things that make the profit for them in the future and doesn’t create difficulties in the selling of these gemstones. So you have to sure that you have attested these gemstones from the professionals. They are the only person who knows the quality of the gemstone because they have studied all the aspects of the gemstone thoroughly. But sometimes you have to sure that these professional are providing the best information because in order to get money, anyone can guide you with false statements.
  • London Gold Store
    Living in London, you may find many of the stores that desire to buy some unique item so they can sell them at a good price. London Gold store is one of them which has a variety of shops that only deals in the precious items. You can sell your gemstones to them. London gold store assures you that you can get the best price from them and you can rely on them. The store usually checks the quality of the gemstone first and then decide to buy these gemstones.
  • Online Stores
    Online stores are the best platform to sell the gemstones for them who do not want to waste their time visiting some of the places. The thing is customers will come to your house to buy this gemstone. You can get the money on the spot. But the problem in this method is that you have to wait for long to get the customer or sometimes you can get the customer after listing the ad. You can get solid cash, no need for banking involves in this step.
  • Counter Shops
    The next place to sell the gemstone is the pawn shops. The problem with these pawn shops is that they buy your gemstones at a lower price. They want to get maximum profit from the items you sold to ensure that they can get maximum profit from the people who buy these gemstones later. They target the people who are in extreme hurry and want the money.


Types of Gemstones You Can Sell

There are many gemstones in the market, and you have to sure that you have the right one. There are different types of gemstone you can sell.

Market Trending

This means that you have to find the gemstones that are unique because they can be sold in no time as they attract people very fast. You can get the money as you desired. Some shops would give you many of the replacements for these gemstones.


Common Gemstones

Common gemstones are the one that is most commonly present in any of the shops, and you don’t have to be panic for finding them. But you cannot be paid much for these gemstones as many of the people require some unique stuff to buy. So in order to sell these gemstones, you have to know that you can only get minimum money for that, so it is better to check the market before selling them.

Ring Gemstones

Many of the gemstones are used in the rings, and these rings are mostly used for weddings. Many of the people usually buy the gemstones that are suitable with their names. So in order to sell them first, you have to decide what type of gemstone is commonly ideal with many of the names so that you can easily sell them.

Frequently Ask Questions
  • What Are The Requirements To Check The Quality Of The Gemstone?
    The answer to this question is that many of the shops have professionals who used to check the quality of the gemstone.
  • How to Sell the Loose Gemstones?
    The answer is that many of the pawnshops do not buy the loose gemstone, so you have to not bother about selling these gemstones or your time will be wasted.

Sell Gemstone

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