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The effect of Covid19 on the gold market value:

What are the covid-19 Effect on Gold prices

While the scrap gold price fell in mid-March 2020 along with the prices of most other commodities and markets, it has rebounded strongly since then amid stronger demand for financial investment. The following will look at how the price environment for this precious metal has changed during the COVID19 pandemic.

After Falling, It's Time To Get Up Again

Although gold is a so-called safe-haven asset, scrap gold price, like everything else during this period, ultimately failed. This happened from the realization that COVID19 will become a global pandemic. Until mid-February, scrap gold prices continued to grow slowly in the market, driven by two main factors. The first was the purchase of the metal as a safe haven as a result of the global uncertainty surrounding the halt in China up to this point, as well as the ongoing trade war between the US and China. Second, the yields on high-quality government bonds range from low to negative. When funds have to pay for loans to governments, gold's attractiveness increases, especially when the cost of holding it is historically low.

While gold performed well ahead of the stock market crash - hitting a seven-year high of nearly $ 1,700 an ounce on March 6 - when it became clear on March 12 that the U.S. economy would be hit hard, the gold price began to fall around the same time as stock.

Gold rallied similar to the 2008 financial crisis: Funds with positions in gold in the futures markets were forced to sell their gold to meet collateral requirements, raise cash, and buy US Treasuries. This selling in the futures market has surpassed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's significant positive sentiment, large retail purchases in the West, and a large influx of funds in gold exchange-traded funds or ETFs.

However, since the week of March 23rd, the gold price has recovered. Since then, gold has once again rallied above highs before the stock market crash, with the price hitting $ 1,752 an ounce in April.

Looking at the managed cash positions, the net long position in gold has remained fairly unchanged since late summer 2019. Little did it change until the stock market crash in mid-March. The fall in net longs to its lowest level since July 2019 was more due to the drop in trading volume. In fact, the total short position of 1.5 Moz for the week commencing on March 29 was the lowest in over 10 years. So, it is clear that the positive market sentiment for gold continues.

In the meantime, according to the World Gold Council, gold continues to flow into ETFs. For example, as of March 27, total stocks amounted to more than 3160 tons, which is the highest indicator in history. On the retail side, sellers report a huge demand for bars and coins with many lines out of stock or with long waiting times. This shortage was exacerbated by the temporary closure of major gold processing plants in Switzerland due to quarantine in that country. However, they were then opened, first in part, of course, to help miners get their gold to market and investors buy it.

Despite the fall in the gold price in early spring, coupled with the stock market crash, the yellow metal has recovered and the market seems convinced that it is on an upward trajectory. However, there are some negative signals for the market, namely the reduction in jewellery purchases in India and China due to the restrictions on the pandemic. In addition, gold production is projected to decline due to shutdowns in major mining countries.

2020 Offers unique opportunities for Gold sellers

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a good year for gold, including opportunities to sell scrap gold. In the summer, prices in pounds sterling hit a record high of 1,500 pounds, more than doubling in just five years. We are experiencing something like a new gold rush, and this echoes the news from Australia, where two lucky ones made a discovery for life.

In central Victoria, Australia, two men discovered a pair of gold nuggets no larger than a typical bar of chocolate. The two nuggets weighing almost 4 kg were valued at AU $ 350,000, making each of them a decent fortune.

So why could 2020 be the next gold rush, and why might it be the right time to sell scrap gold?

Support for higher Gold prices at the Moment

With many countries still enforcing restrictions due to the different ways COVID19 spreads, many investors are firmly risk averse. In addition, policymakers used massive amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus to stem the global economic slide into a deep recession. All this money eventually has to go somewhere, and in the past, this approach has led to an increase not only in scrap gold prices, but also in precious metals prices in general.

All this gives gold a significant advantage over other assets and supports the prospect of making a big profit if you have a scrap gold that you want to sell in the coming months.

We also track current spot gold prices on a daily basis, and our latest estimates mean that just one ounce of 9K gold could net you almost £ 530.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to wonder how much you could make if you had an item that weighs more and has even higher purity. The longer the market psychology remains without risk, the more likely it is that high gold prices can be sustained. This offers you a dividend from COVID19 that you can use while this premium persists.

The value of Gold is close to record levels

As the UK enters what could be the worst recession in history, scrap gold prices are close to record highs. In the late summer of 2020, the UK entered a recession, and as the economy began to fall, after two consecutive quarters of decline, gold prices began to skyrocket. Gold prices have surpassed record levels for the first time and this looks like a long-term price spike.

This may sound counterintuitive to many, but for those familiar with the gold community, it should be expected and planned as investments in the world's most popular precious metal increase. This is due to the fact that the price of gold is often held or even rises during a crisis or economic downturn.

Will Gold Prices Continue To Rise?

The gold price has been trending upward for a long time. Prices have nearly doubled over the past decade, and this year alone, gold prices have risen an incredible 30%, and there is still time for prices to continue to rise in the light of the recession.

Why Do Gold Prices Hold Their Value During The Crisis?

Gold is considered a safe investment in times of crisis. This metal is less volatile than other forms of investment such as stocks, which can rise and fall sharply. Gold retains its value and is considered inflation hedge when the currency loses its value. In times of inflation, when the value of goods and services rises, central banks start printing money, as a result of which the currency loses value, but this movement does not affect gold prices.

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