Want the Best Engagement Ring Design

Want the Best Engagement Ring Design? Choose According to Your Partner’s Personality Traits

To choose a ring design, you’ll need to select a metal, style, and ring size.


At London Gold Centre, we offer almost every ring design imaginable – and if you are unsure of the style you want, we can custom design ring style for your partner. To pick the perfect ring, consider what fits her personality and lifestyle the best. In addition to your budget, her daily activities and personal style are crucial considerations that will guide your selection of a design. Here is how you can match personality traits with various designs of engagement rings:


A classic solitaire design is timeless and showcases the center diamond minus any distraction. Solitaires, which are designs that feature one center diamond, are the most sought-after style for engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire showcases a plain metal band. To complement the piece with more refinement or to ensure the center diamond is set particularly low, consider a basket setting or a trellis design. For a more glamorous touch, get a row of diamond accents on the band or peekaboo diamonds (diamonds set in the undercarriage or gallery of the ring that are not noticeable from the top). Three stone engagement ring is another popular alternative to conventional solitaire.


If the wearer wants to blaze with glamour, she might love a design that holds her diamond higher, or possibly one that showcases sparkling pavé-set diamonds on the band of the ring. Halo engagement rings designs are also viral. Halo designs bear a circle of diamonds around the center diamond to enhance sparkle and make the center diamond seem larger.


Is your partner a nature lover or someone who is fond of outdoors? Ring settings with organic elements in their designs, for instance, leaves, flowers, and vines may suit them well. For a nature-lover, consider a setting that holds the stone lower to the hand. A bezel design, or a thin metal band that embraces the diamond all the way around its girdle, is also the finest way for keeping a diamond protected.


Does your significant other love all things vintage and romantic? Consider ring settings that showcase milgrain details, scrollwork or filigree patterns, intricate galleries, or thin bands. We have many designs that count as an antique-inspired collection. Or, if your partner loves exclusive one-of-a-kind items from the past, buy them an authentic antique engagement ring.


Does your loved one appreciate fashion-forward, modern style? Look at sculptural rings – rings that experiment with non-conventional forms. Consider a bezel design – a thin metal band that embraces the diamond all the way around its girdle. If she wants to forgo the conventional center diamond altogether, consider a wide band ring with intricate detail. Add sparkle with gemstone or diamond accents.


Feel overwhelmed or unsure, consider selecting a diamond but proposing with a temporary engagement design. This approach enables your partner to select her own perfect design. Women have been known to take part in over 60% of engagement ring design decisions, so rest assured you won't be alone. If you really want to surprise her and are just looking for better ideas, you can also get inspired by Top 10 Pinned Rings by discovering what styles are trending on Pinterest.

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