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What You Need to Know About Resizing Your Rings

Getting the wrong ring size is a prevalent mistake that many people make. When your partner decides to propose, he needs to be secretive and make a calculated guess on your ring size. Though he might have chosen the perfect engagement ring for you, getting your ring or rock size wrong is common. In some cases, the engagement rock may be too big, or the band may be too tight. No need to worry, though, because you can still remedy these issues. Many jewellery companies offer jewellery repair and can help you resize your ring. 

Here are some common questions people ask about ring resizing:

How do I know if my ring fits?

A characteristic you should watch out for is whether the ring fits comfortably but is snug around your finger. You know it perfectly fits when you have no problems with sliding the ring down your finger, but it will not easily fall off. Otherwise, you need to have your ring resized. 

What if my ring slips from side to side, but fits right?

The great thing about jewellery repair experts is that they have all of these solutions and tools ready to make sure your jewellery is in perfect shape. Jewellery is not like clothes that have a specific size for everyone. Each human finger is different from another, and slight and particular changes may be necessary.

If your ring is only slipping from side to side, jewellery repair experts will need to add sizing assistants. These ring assistants are placed in the interiors of your jewellery and help anchor your ring to your finger. These help your ring from moving and helps it stay put.

How will they resize my ring?

Ideally, ring repairs or resizing can only change up to two sizes. If you go more than that, you may stress your ring and damage it.

When jewellery repair needs to decrease the size of your ring, they will only need to cut a few parts and polish it. In case you need to increase your ring's size, your jeweller may have to stretch the metal. Unfortunately, you can only stretch it as much as half a size larger. If it needs to be larger than that, they will need to add an extra piece of the metal to your ring. Once the process is complete, you would be able to tell that it has gone through a resizing. 

How long will ring resizing take?

Ring resizing does not take up too much time. At most, you will only have to wait for a week or two, and you will have your ring back on your finger in no time.

How much will ring resizing cost?

There are a lot of things to consider when resizing your ring. Jewellers will need to give you a quote based on the metal of your ring, the design, and how complicated the process may be. 

It is best to visit a reputable jeweller who can handle your rings with care. This way, when you invest your money in the right company for repairs, you can get the desired ring size.


Getting the wrong ring size is a common mistake, but many jewellers in the market can help you efficiently resolve it. However, it is finding the right company to handle your jewellery that can be more challenging. When you find one, your jewellery repair expert will resize your ring and make it look polished, new, and perfectly snug around your finger.

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