When is the best time to sell gold?

scrap-gold-london-gold-centre When is the best time to sell gold?

You may contemplate selling scrap gold, but somehow you won’t be able to figure out the right time. Usually you will find people selling and buying gold around the holiday seasons such as “Christmas”.

Throughout the year, the prices of scrap gold hike and dip. You may have any scrap gold lying around which you may want to exchange for some easy cash or recycle it into entirely something else.

Here are a few reasons you need to know as to why selling gold during Christmas would be more beneficial to you.

Gold is best for Christmas 

If you look back to the ancient times, gold has always held a prominent role in civilizations. The yellow metal was always considered as a precious metal; it was also one of the three gifts in the nativity story. If you have some unwanted gold, but you need cash to celebrate the holiday season you can always sell your gold. Usually prices get 10% higher during Christmas time making it more profitable for you to sell. You can find Scrap gold calculator on many online websites and in-store that help you in knowing the weight and purity of your item in carat. This would help you estimate the cost you need to sell your scrap gold on. If you’re confused how to figure out the carat of your product, remember that all gold specialists leave a mark or stamp indicating the carat weight of your product. If you find that your carat is higher understand that the purity of gold is high as well as the potential value increases.

Recycling your gold at Christmas 

You can earn as much as 13 pounds for a one-gram piece of 9-carat gold; if you were to have a product with higher carat you would make more money.

The benefit of recycling your scrap gold will leave you with pure gold after you melt away the extra chemicals or attachments. Gold is extremely rare to find in nature; many people claim that all the world’s gold could be melted and moulded into a cube that would be able to fit under the Eiffel tower in Paris, France.

You may find that you rarely use or wear your gold jewellery or left-over gold scraps from a gold tooth, gold filing or a gold watch. It would be best to utilise these items by selling them at a greater price. Once you melt down the gold, it can be reshaped and re-created into something entirely new and it won’t tarnish the purity of gold. 

When is gold hallmarked?

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, then you need to know that as per the law of “Hallmarking Act 1973” states that if there is any gold item that weighs over 1g, it should be hallmarked. This gives you the benefit of a guarantee that your product consists of pure gold.

Know the real worth of your gold

Many people are unaware that they get paid only 20% of the real value of their gold. It is important to keep yourself well-informed before selling your scrap gold. Always make sure that you know the purity (karat) of your gold as well as the weight of your item. This will help you determine the price you should be getting for your product. Be careful and do not get deceived by online sellers who would offer you lesser money compared to the value of your product.

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