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Why Stocking Gold Is the Best Move in This Pandemic

Reorganizing and decluttering your home is extremely beneficial for your mental health and is a great way to maintain your home, to boot. Cleaning up your home and reorganizing can be such a drag, but what if you spice it up a bit and make it fun? When you clean your home, it is inevitable that you find random bits of treasure hidden away in a corner of your home that you forgot was there!

Finding jewellery, ornaments or unwanted treasure with gold is a bonus that you get when you clean your house. These tiny treasures can actually help you financially during these times because you can take them to shops that buy gold! 

Here’s why you need to start cleaning and begin hunting for gold:

Gold is Doing Great in 2020

According to Schroders, gold is doing exceptionally well in the midst of the pandemic. Gold was up to 11.3 this year compared to other major assets globally. While a lot of financial assets aren’t doing well in the market today, the value of gold might increase even more during this pandemic. 

Find jewellery, ornaments, and other treasures with gold from your home—you’ll be able to sell them to a shop that buys gold and earn some extra cash in a jiffy. Because the value of gold is increasing during these times despite the economic decline, it’s a good idea to have these things on-hand in case of an emergency.

Many Items Have Hint Traces of Gold

No matter how small the piece of gold you find on an item, it still holds value. Make sure you examine the items you find before you dispose of them. Most household items have gold in them, from vintage cutlery to jewellery boxes, and even some broken watches would too! 

You can do a series of tests to find out if what you found is true gold. One easy way to find out if the gold is real is to do the “Bite Test.” Because gold is soft, when you bite it, it will leave bite marks—but be extra careful when you do this test! You don’t want to have to run to an emergency room to get your teeth fixed if you bite too hard.

Another easy method is to try the Nitric Acid test. When you apply a bit of this or drop your jewellery in this acid, you’ll instantly know if it’s real or fake gold. If you find tinges of green colour on your jewellery then that is fake gold, so be on the lookout!

It’s a Practical Financial Solution

If you’re in a tight spot, selling items that contain gold will help you get some instant cash. It’s a hassle-free way to increase cash flow in uncertain times like this pandemic. Because a lot of shops know the value of gold, they can get pretty competitive with each other and increase their prices. Make sure you do proper and thorough research on places that buy gold before you sell your items—you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re getting the best price for your gold! 


Instead of allowing a lot of items in your home to pile up and take up space, it’s always a good decision to spend a day or a weekend to clean and declutter your home. Since we are spending more time at home because of the lockdown, going through your stuff and finding items with a high resale value can help you get through some financial struggles during this pandemic. Gather all the golden treasure and scrap gold and take them to a shop that values and buys gold today!

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